Why You Should Choose To Use Solar Power For Your Home

All of the life on planet earth is sustained by the light and warmth radiating from the sun. According to scientists the amount of solar power produced annually by the sun that we are able to tap into is approximately, 3850 Zettajoules (ZJ). The suns rays and power finds its way to earth by way of electromagnetic radiation, similar to radio waves, however the regularity range is different. As the suns energy comes through the environment some of it is absorbed but the majority of it reaches earth. The two key forms of solar energy are light and warmth.

There are many advantages to using solar energy as opposed to the standard forms of power we are used to.

  • The energy from the sun is free, we just have to pay to collect the energy
  • Compared to the standard forms of power the expense of gathering the suns power is recouped a lot faster.
  • The collection units are stand alone units and don’t need to be linked to the gas or power grids.
  • There is a limitless supply of solar energy.
  • Collectiong the solar power does not create any exhaust gases that may harm the earth’s atmosphere.

What Are The Methods To Capture Solar Power:

Focusing Collectors: These have a movable mirror, known as heliostats. When it is pointed towards the sun it can produce a temperature around 4000 degrees C. This temperature level is used for a solar furnace in industries and also in research. These solar powered heating systems don’t pollute the environment. The heliostats can concentrate the energy to a central heating boiler that turns water into vapor. Focusing collectors can also be used to produce solar energy.

Flat Plate Collectors: By heating water in pipes these collectors can be used in businesses, schools and homes to provide heat. They are unable to generate the same amount of heat as the focusing collectors due to being smaller in size.

Solar Distillation: Solar distillation is the same as flat plate collection but produces distilled water instead of heat. Sea water is placed into storage tanks on the roof of a home and then the heat from the sun heats the sea water causing it to evaporate. The water vapour is collected and then transformed into distilled water.

Solar Power: By using focusing collectors and also Photovoltaic cells, made from thin pieces of semiconductors, the radiation from the sun is converted into electricity. Solar energy is totally free and it does not generate any form of pollution.

There are a number of ways in which we can work together so as to get the very best of natural and renewable energies. Utilising solar energy is not only valuable but it is inspiring to others to come up with other ideas. Compared to the amount it costs to use other energy sources, such as electric and gas, for warmth, the cost of using solar power is a lot less less. With electricity and gas you have a low initial cost up front but then you are paying for it from then on month after month. With solar energy you have a larger financial investment to install the solar panels and transform your house to use the solar energy, but after that there is nothing else to pay, unless you need to use some electric or gas  as a back up heating source. Solar power was available yesterday, it’s available today and it will certainly be available for us in the future.

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