Use Solar Heating To Reduce Your Home Heating Bills

Everybody would love to have cheaper utility bills for their electric and gas usage. We are always looking online for the company who can offer us the best deal, but there are other ways to heat your home on a budget. Not only could you save yourself some money each month by lowering your heating bills but you would also be playing your part in protecting the environment for future generations.

Solar home heating could lower your electricity bills no matter where you live. Obviously, where you live will determine just how much sun you get on a day to day basis, but with the modern solar panels even on a cloudy day with little sun to be seen you could still be saving money. If you are lucky and live in a warm environment where you don’t need your home heating for most of the year, you might want to heat your swimming the pool.

What Solar Energy Devices Do I Need?

A typical solar heating system utilises collectors, also known as solar heating panels. The solar heating panels are usually fitted onto a south facing roof. To be ideal the roof should be pitched at an angle of between 30 and 60 degrees. If your house has a flat roof then the solar panel installers will be able to set the panels at the correct angle when they are installing them.The size or number of panels you will required will depend on the climate in your area and the size of your family. As a rough guide, to warm water for two people you will need panels up to 2.75 sq. m. or if there are 3 or 4 people in your family then you will require 4.12 sq. m.

What Type Of Solar Panels Do I Need?

There are 2 types of panels and the right one for you will depend on your local climate.

  • Apartment Plate Collectors – A flat plate of specially layered black steel covered by glass or plastic. Water passes through pipes that are soldered to the plate and then the heated water is fed to your boiler.
  • Evacuated Tubes – These are fitted into an insulated steel casing. The evacuated tubes are used more in the cloudier and cooler environments. The insulated steel casing minimises the heat loss so the water temperature can reach 60F/15C. So depending on how hot you like your bath it might not need reheating. Compared to the flat plate collection panels the evacuation tubes are a lot more expensive.

Solar Heater Tubes

Can I Set up A Solar Heating System Myself?

It is quite possible for you to be able to set up a solar heating system yourself, if you are reasonably proficient at Do It Yourself. You can either locate a parts distributor who will also do the design for you. Or the second option is to sign up with a solar club – charitable groups that run one-day training programs created to  make solar heating more affordable and easier to install.

How Much Could I Save By Installing A Solar Heating System?

Calculating the exact amount that you would save by installing a new solar heating system is very hard to say as their are a number of variables that it depends on, such as your local environment, how well your home is insulated, the sort of solar panels and the size of the heating unit you install. But if you want lower electricity and heating bills as well as helping the environment by burning less fossil fuel, then solar heating is well worth looking into.