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Alternative Energy

Use Solar Heating To Reduce Your Home Heating Bills

Everybody would love to have cheaper utility bills for their electric and gas usage. We are always looking online for the company who can offer us the best deal, but there are other ways to heat your home on a budget. Not only could you save yourself some money each month by lowering your heating bills but you would also be playing your part in protecting the environment for future generations.

Solar home heating could lower your electricity bills no matter where you live. Obviously, where you live will determine just how much sun you get on a day to day basis, but with the modern solar panels even on a cloudy day with little sun to be seen you could still be saving money. If you are lucky and live in a warm environment where you […]

Should You Install A Solar Power Water Heater When You Already Have A Gas Boiler?

We are much more environmentally aware these days than what we ever were before, with the threat of global warming looming over us on a daily basis. Most of us have made some lifestyle changes to do what we can to help the planet, from recycling where we can to simply being more aware of how much energy we are actually using in our homes. But we can go one step further and install a renewable energy system in our home and do even more for the future of the planet. Solar water heating systems are a great place to start if you are considering the switch over to sustainable energy.

How Does A Solar Hot Water System Work?

Solar panels will usually be installed on your roof to pick up […]

Why You Should Choose To Use Solar Power For Your Home

All of the life on planet earth is sustained by the light and warmth radiating from the sun. According to scientists the amount of solar power produced annually by the sun that we are able to tap into is approximately, 3850 Zettajoules (ZJ). The suns rays and power finds its way to earth by way of electromagnetic radiation, similar to radio waves, however the regularity range is different. As the suns energy comes through the environment some of it is absorbed but the majority of it reaches earth. The two key forms of solar energy are light and warmth.

There are many advantages to using solar energy as opposed to the standard forms of power we are used to.

  • The energy from the sun is free, we […]

Bright Hopes For The Future Of Solar Energy

The sun-directly or indirectly-is the primary resource for many kinds of energy found in the world. Solar energy is tidy, plentiful and also renewable.

Although we think of solar energy as a something new, some of our ancestors from the older civilisations found some very ingenious methods to make use of solar energy, without the technology we have today. Among them, the Chinese, Romans and Greeks all developed methods to use the power of the sun to heat for their homes, including using southerly direct exposures to optimise solar heating and utilising the suns light.

Now, thanks to all of the innovative modern technologies, it is actually possible to capture this power from the sun, focus it, store it and also transform it into electricity we can use.

The rays from the […]


Landscape Gardening

Peaceful Japanese Gardening For Any Home

Japanese gardening is a social kind of gardening that is meant to create a scene that mimics nature as much as possible by using trees, shrubs, rocks, sand, artificial hillsides, fish ponds, as well as flowing water as art-forms. The Zen and also Shinto customs are both a big part of Japanese gardening and, because of this the gardens have a contemplative as well as reflective mood about them. Japanese gardening is totally different from the Western style and is seen as a more meditational and relaxing style of gardening.

A Japanese Garden Showing Gravel Representing Water

There are essentially 2 types of Japanese garden and three basic methods for scenery. The main two types of gardens are:

  • Tsukiyami, which is a hillside garden that is mainly composed of hills and ponds.
  • […]

Ideas 4 Landscaping Review

Ideas4Landscaping is an extensive collection of over 7250 landscaping layouts, design suggestions and styles, with also approximately 300 web pages of gardening landscape overviews. I have just recently bought the package and want to explain the points I like about the product but also the points that I disliked about the product.

What Is Ideas4Landscaping?

The Ideas4Landscaping package offers detailed plans as well as pictures of over 7250 various landscape design layouts. The maker, Helen Whitfield uses a basic, efficient and user-friendly online gallery for landscape design ideas to help you to visualise and design your dream garden landscape. Inside this large data source, you’ll find 1′ 000s of landscape design images in 60+ groups containing:.

Back Gardens.
Front Gardens.
And A lot more …

This massive collection of pictures, ideas, and also basic detailed information is developed in order to help you make some progress with […]

The Best Places To Find Landscape Gardening Tips For 2018

There are many great places to find the best landscape gardening tips for 2018 on the internet and in this post, we are going to briefly talk about some of the most helpful online resources.

To start with, YouTube is perhaps the best place on the world wide web to find modern gardening tips. The site contains thousands and thousands of video tutorials showing you the best ways to maintain your garden no matter where you live. One of the great things about videos is that when it comes to landscaping methods, it’s much easier to demonstrate how to do something than to describe the method in writing, and videos are the perfect medium for showing demonstrations. In addition, YouTube is also an interactive platform. So, if you have any questions about a particular gardening tip […]

Exterior Home Improvement Projects That Add Value To Your Home

There are a number of home improvement projects that can add significant value to the value of your property. Two that I like are enhancing the landscaping or your gardens, and also adding concrete work to your  patio or driveway.

Installing New Landscaping

More and more people are now moving away from the traditional lawn and flowerbed garden and moving towards including more eco friendly materials into the existing landscaping. It is possible to dig up your existing lawn, and then replace it with a fescue grass that requires a substantially less amount of water every month which is not only saving water, but will also save you money, if you are on a water meter. In addition, there are a number of what are now classed as eco-friendly shrubs, again these require a minimal watering. You can also get trees that can manage in […]