Traditional And Modern Pedestal Sinks

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Decorating experts acknowledge the ability of a pedestal sink to serve as a useful and attractive space saving device. It also helps to keep the overall cost of your bathroom refurbishment down. The reason is because fitting a pedestal sink takes less time to fit than to install a sink and vanity unit.

Obviously if the bathroom fitter is being paid by the hour then anything that reduces the amount of time on the job is less cost for you.

The Traditional Style Pedestal Sink

When bathroom fitters leeds started fitting bathrooms into houses, the bathroom usually just had a basic porcelain bowl, which was seated on top of a porcelain stand. The bowl usually came with a splash back and a soap dish.

As with all things as technology becomes better new and more modern designs come out, the humble sink is no different. Designers have chosen to change the character of the standard sink and pedestal combination. Designers have come up with ideas using all sorts of materials, iron, chrome, stainless steel in their numerous pedestal designs. Other designers haveĀ  even gone as far as to remove the pedestal all together and build the sink into a vanity unit. Those design changes have brought in the more modern sink units.

The Contemporary Style Sink Stand

In getting away from the common sink, designers and manufacturers have tried using an assortment of modifications. Some have replaced the traditional white coloured porcelain sink with a shiny stainless steel sink. Some have changed the shape of the pedestal to look like an upside down cone, others use tubing shaped stands. However other designers have focused on the style of the sink itself.

The modern designers have replaced the curves of your sink with more modern angles. That replacement has led to the introduction of rectangle shaped pedestals or units, which support a square, rectangle or multi sided shaped sink. The majority of the modern day sinks are designed to be used with single inlet mixer taps.

Stands and Basins The Specifics

When not fashioned from metal then the majority of sinks are still white, other colours are available these days, but the best seller is white.

another issue which has been resolved by most householders is the disappearance of the sinks edge. This problem has been solved by using a nice looking shelf, one that can be attached to the wall just above the taps.

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