The Benefits of Free Standing Furniture

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The Advantages of Free Standing Furniture

Free standing home furniture is different from the normal built in furniture in that you can move it around, creating new layouts at will. Free standing furniture includes items like beds, book cases, lamps, stereo units, coat racks, speakers amongst other items. This mobility can make them particularly useful for all around your house or in your office. It gives you more flexibility in how you wish your home to look, you can also change it quite easily at a later date depending on your mood. Free standing units are popular with students living in dorms, or to those who are living in temporary accomodaion as it can give a room a more personal feel. If you are also a bit of a nomad an move house often then free standing units are also great then as you can take them with you and don’t need to purchase new every time you move. If when you are leaving you are taking all the furniture with you then this could reduce the value of your home. However fitted furniture like, cabinets and kitchens can also make selling your home difficult as potential buyers may not like them and as they can be expensive to replace, they that they will be “stuck” with the your layout and colour scheme.

For instance, a lot of older homes have fitted units especially in the kitchen area, this can add value to your house but if you decide to move again, you will not be in a position to take the furniture to your new home. On the other hand Free standing fixtures, because they can be very easily mixed and matched can quite easily give you the individualism you want. Free standing units are also portable so if you decide to move on you can take them with you if you want to. Fitted units in the kitchen can also give a cramped feel while free standing lets you maximise space by having wall spaces clear, the room seems more open. Previously most kitchen units, sink, cupboards, dressers etc where fitted in a kitchen, but nowadays  businesses can provide all of them and even central islands as moveable single models.

Free standing furniture is also now been used in many offices as a cost effective way to creating a contemporary office feel. These include things like desks, tables, wall models and partitions amongst other points. The benefit of this in an office setting is that free standing units can be reconfigured easily, doing away with the need to have expensive maintenance when the metrics of the office change. This makes them an obvious decision for those companies whose office metrics are changing often. There are now new hybrids of renewable woods like eucalyptus and new types of veneers available which give the office a more homely feel without negatively impacting our environment. Also since a lot of our time is spent in the office, free standing units can be utilised to make the office a more pleasant place to be and less of a mechanical and industrial environment, making the office staff feel more calm and relaxed and therefore increasing their productivity.

With free standing units you can also have more input in how your home or office is laid out. You might decide to use the free standing units to provide various focal points and height differences to make the room feel more interesting. Free standing furniture apart from being both functional and stylish also free you from the rigid constraints of fitted furniture. Also due to its mobility free standi
ng furniture can be considered an investment, you can take it with you when you
move or you can hand it down as an heirloom.

We all today either spend our time at home or at work. Individual stand alone furniture units can add a bit of charm to any room in your home or your office. If you shop around and make a good choice then a free standing unit can have a long life span and it can grow. For example you can buy modular furniture for your home entertainment systems, these can be expanded to include your new purchases. Overall free standing furniture has an endless array of design possibilities for your imagination to play with.